nothing is impossible!!!!

nothing is impossible!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

firefox and java plugin on linux

1. Download jre-6u20-linux-x64.bin

2. ./jre-6u20-linux-x64.bin

3. ln -s /tmp/jre1.6.0_21/lib/amd64/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

4. ls -al /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

Monday, June 14, 2010

update rhel4 packages

You can use "update -u" to update the packages on RHEL4.

If it does not give you any indication of package updation try to clear cache (rm -rf /var/spool/up2date/*) and fire above command again.

Even if above method doesnt work. Login to your respective rhn satellite.
1. Select Critical, Non-critical packages.
2. Select All.
3. at the bottom, select update packages
4. then confirm.
5. ssh to the respective system, and run "rhn_update -vvv". It should show updating package details.