nothing is impossible!!!!

nothing is impossible!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to select specific storage ?

What is largest amount of data do you manage?

How much data is significant for you?

have you planned about deletion of data?

how ofter will you delete data? schedule?

Who is gone access your data? ex. applications, servers ?

are you planning to host your applications as well?

how must data application gone consume?

how much your application data may grow?

How busy will be your storage?

applications future plans?

How much data may grow in future?

If data not available, how does unavailability cost your org?

are you planning to archive data?

Why do you want to archive data?

how ofter are you planning to archive data?

for how long will you keep archive data?

existing data managements issues?

data center to manage data storage equipment?

Enough space in datacenter?

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