nothing is impossible!!!!

nothing is impossible!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

OTRS: How to set the Generic Agent?

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So you need to create as many jobs as you have agents.
The idea behind GenericAgent is very simple: search for tickets using the
values in sections shaded grey and set new values in tickets in sections
shaded black. You should have all your ticket types, queues, agents,
customers defined before you start making a GenericAgent job.

For example, we are building a job to assign Hardware problems to Mark

In Admin, go to Generic Agent. Type in the job name Hardware_to_Twain and
click Add. A new job form appears. Study it a little. There are sections
with title shaded gray. The values you put into these sections' fields are
used to select the tickets for processing by the job. You select Agent/Owner
= root at localhost. You select ticket state = new. You select Ticket lock =
unlock, you select ticket type = Hardware problem. How do you plan to deal
with email tickets btw? They will not get tycket type set correctly.

Now we move to sections with titles shaded black. That's where we program
new values for ticket fields:
You select new Agent = Mark Twain. You select the new Queue = Hardware, New
ticket lock = lock.
You may add a note to leave trace of what has been done for your customer.
(It's reflected in the history for the agents anyway).
Check Send no notifications flag .

Go back to the beginning and think of the schedule for the job. How often it
should run?

AS soon as you save the job - you're done. If there are problems with the
job - look in the System Log.

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